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Thanksgiving and Shop Small Saturday: Community.

Setting down to pen a blog post has been a challenge since opening the store. Actually sitting down to make out a grocery list or take a shower has been a challenge, 🙂 but it has been a wonderful busy even though we are never sure if we are coming or going! The store may be smaller than the last but it seems we are working even harder.  It has been wonderful to have our website up although we are still figuring out all the logistics of it. A good portion of our new items are featured on our online shop. Peruse at your own leisure and let us know if you have any questions.

We are gearing up for our Shop Small Saturday this weekend. We will be open Friday from 10-5 and Saturday 10-4. Lots off new goodies as well as pop-up sales will be featured each day so come in and browse.  I’ve had several people asking about the Shop Small concept and what it really is all about. I thought I’d list a few ways that we see it can benefit more than just us the retailer and perhaps enable a better understanding of this movement.

#1 When you shop in a small family owned business’ you are giving back to your city because
as business owners we pay sales tax to the city which then can go to benefit schools, public
parks, and service workers like first responders. Your money doesn’t leave the area.
#2 Can you even imagine a town without small business’ in it?? I’m guessing we all can and
have been witness to these sort of towns. No coffee shops, no boutiques, no pet stores, no gift
shops, just boring, depressing, boarded-up, empty buildings that at one time sparkled with life. If
consumers only patron Big Box Business, small town or city life becomes very mundane and
#3 You WILL get better customer service. We have made many friends by shopping small
business’ in cities and towns all over. When we travel to another city we always search for the
historic, the artistic, the homemade artisan sections and the small business’ that they offer. The
owners are friendly and we have exchanged things simply by a phone call or email to our
#4. Small Business will offer more diversity. Mass produced items very rarely make their way to
small shops. Instead you will find a flair of local product as well as ethical and sustainable items.
Fairtrade is often offered as well. You are buying a one of a kind purchase and doing good in the
world at the same time.
#5 Lastly (and certainly not complete) is the sense of community that you will gain. Knowing that
you have walked into a store that is mom and pop in ownership brings a feeling of satisfaction
and weaves a thread of common fellowship throughout a neighborhood, town and city.
This being said we hope you will patron your local small shops not only this weekend but year

We are hosting thanksgiving at our home this year so that means lots of cooking, decorating and entertaining. It is looking like three tables will need set to accommodate and I am trying to toss up the theme on each one. We will post pictures of our day and we would love it if you would post a picture of your Thanksgiving Celebration to us and tag it #refinedthanksgiving. For now the pictures on this post is of this month’s tablescape at Refined, entitled “A Gathering of Grateful” which will remain up through tomorrow at the store and all items will be half priced -Wednesday only- in case you need some last minute decor to set a beautiful table or buffet.

     It has been wonderful to meet all of you who have visited us in our first three months being

Be blessed and hug on your people real tight with extra intention.

∴ ∴ ∴

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