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thanksgiving-a bit more than a holiday

There is a way to live the big of giving thanks in all things. It is this: to give thanks in this one small thing. The moments will add up!! -Ann Voskamp

Thanksgiving…a bit more than a holiday! Shouldn’t we all have a attitude of gratitude all year round. This is a spectacular time to develop the thought pattern of always being in tune with the positive and what is good in our lives as opposed to the negative. What if we woke each morning thinking this is it??!  A new day, a new moment to make a difference….and yes that would be a form of thanksgiving. What if we constantly tried to be thankful each day in everything we did…this would be thanksgiving. 

Who are we grateful for, what are we grateful for ? How are we fighting for joy? For the people we love? Remember, trust, praise and focus on the things that are good and not what you are feeling. It is important to give thanks for who, and not what!! It is a robust deal thanksgiving. The smallest things. The minutia…the broad brush strokes…train our eyes to be grateful! 

How about snapping a picture of the things through the moments that we are thankful…each day or each hour.  Go back and be grateful for what you seen and experience. The who, the what and the how of gratefulness.

Sometimes we just need a redirection in our world view of goodness, of what is truth, of what is truly important! 

This is Thanksgiving! 

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