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Turn it off, shut it down, tune it out. In a space of constant movement, we owe it to our soft, mushy, human brains and bodies, to turn it off every once in a while. When we live busy lives, the constant connection of technology can put extra stress on our bodies, so our technology life feels like an extra side job that never stops. Even when we don’t live extreme, busy lives, the constant connection has the same effect, or so I’ve felt for myself. Don’t get me wrong, I love the way the growth of social networking and technology has left us with information a key stroke away and inspiration and connection and new ideas in our daily scroll. It’s a gift, but as with every other gift we get to enjoy, moderation is key to health and wellness.

I recently took a short 25 day sabbatical from the constant scroll. I turned off, shut down, and tuned out. It was an interesting discovery. When saying the initial goodbye to the socials, I had this surprising feeling of almost melancholy. Hello, what? I knew I’d miss the connection and interaction, whether true or imagined, and the filled headspace, because i have to be honest, it could be a place of great escape from the bigger issues. This melancholy quickly faded into a lightness, though. I felt like I had unloaded a heavy weight, like i didn’t have to keep up with a piece of my life anymore; a little more free. What stood out the most was how much mental clarity and space I found. I don’t know if you’re like me or not, but my first place to go in line at the store, at lunch at work, and even on the commute home, was my phone. It’s like my brain woke up to the world around it a bit more; like I could see the snow piled on the heavy tree branches and notice people in line at the checkout with a smile; like real time communication had a place again. Not to mention, the amount of space for creativity and thought and prayer. Maybe a mind full is really a mind empty of the good stuff.

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Coming back to the world of constant connection, I’ve realized I need to set boundaries and self control for myself. I need to have a shut down time, a “no-go” zone for scrolling and searching. I should choose days of total off time. I shouldn’t feel selfish or like I’m missing out or letting down my followers, but that I’m taking time to fill my cup and fill my lungs and live real life. That mental space allowed by an unplug, allows for creativity and growth, instead of satisfying with a quick-fix, scroll numb. That to face the issues at hand is way better than scrolling past. All that being said, social media and technology allows us endless opportunities. I’m stoked to learn more about how to make real connection on here. I also hope to continue to create before I consume, and then to consume thoughtfully all that is at our fingertips. So here’s to taking time to be mindful instead of mind full; to quiet the noise. You have permission. You can do it.

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