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Last Minute Stocking Stuffer

Stockings. To some of us they evoke excitement and fun, gathering small items to fill a matching stocking that hangs cozy by the fire. To others of us, it’s more a feeling of “what to get for the stocking”. It can become just another “thing” to do in the already crazy season. Well, with only a few days until Christmas morning, my hope is that this mindful and curated group of items will help take the stress off and give you some ideas that won’t feel like something simply thrown together out of necessity or tradition. As the giver of the gift and the filler of the stocking, it’s good to find joy and simplicity too. As always, presence over presents.

Stocking Stuff Items:

  • locally crafted tassel key chain, clip
  • 4 oz Eleventh Candle Co. candle
  • Two Copper Sparrows dangly earrings
  • O’Douds solid cologne for men
  • pocket size jotter (multiple covers)
  • Eleventh Candle Co. coffee beans

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