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Hello Again

One year and it’s Fall again. When we began our journey on this new storefront the ideas were big and the energy even more. We spent a year preparing and restoring. Our space had been destroyed by fire and we felt the energy of revitalizing yet another historic building even though this one was many square foot smaller than the last. To add to the excitement was the thought of working together as a family of very independent ladies. We aspired, we worked hard, we laughed, and we had some disagreements, but mostly we had fun.  When the doors opened last August it was a five month rat race of selling, reordering, reorganizing and meeting people, lots of people. Then came March, and things slowed way down. Suddenly we had to be a bit more creative and a bit more intentional. Now this season finds us back up and running crazy, and I’m guessing a repeat cycle.  


Looking back over our goals and dreams it is interesting that in every venture the one thing you discover is that the bones that you built in your brain do not always form in the way the actuality plays out. Throughout it all we are blessed by the group of amazing customers who continue to support our very eclectic and sometimes disorganized dream. 

As we enter year two at Refined a list of our goals are:

-to write a blog post at least once a month

-develop a deeper connection with our customers- both in shopping needs and friendship

-streamline to less big box wholesalers and try to use small business wholesalers

-bring in more local homemade artisans

-support social good organizations through sales of their products 

-organize our beautiful website shopping to be more user friendly

-continue building our mod vin clothing as a ethical and repurposed way of helping the environment as well as share beautiful classy clothing to our patrons. 

By the way we have had the question asked, “What are Mod Vin clothes?”  The idea is to find, repurpose, and sell items that hold their classic style over a period of time. An example: my dad had a cool Wrangler jean jacket when he was young.  I found it as a teen and wore it and today I’ve passed it on to my kids.  Its fashion sense is as relevant today as yesterday.  

As we enter the busy season of giving thanks and giving gifts we want to remind you to focus on those you hold most dear.  Gathering and sharing food, conversation, and moments that will be remembered because all we really have in this life that truly matters is each other. No amount of money, success, beauty, etc will fill you like the human connection. 

Be blessed friends and thank you for your continued love! 

The Refined Girls,







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