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Finding your Rhythm

What is it about words? They encourage, incite, and impact. There have always been words that I found significant as they show up in expressions in my world. There are times that a certain one is spoken and I will then read the same word in a book or a blog as well as find those I’m close to using it for some reason or the other and I know that it was meant for me. To teach me something and I grasp to understand what.

Lately, It has been Rhythm. Not Rhythm necessarily like music but Rhythm in life’s circle. A podcast I follow has been speaking of Rhythm in the form of this year 2020 and how all of our normals have been turned upside down and as we navigate into the last portion of this year we need to be focusing on Rhythms that give us comfort. My thoughts go to Celebrations. With so many things having to be cancelled and put aside for a later date events like Birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kawannzaa, and the first day of winter can be our place to land as we find our tempo. Perhaps they won’t look exactly like what we are used to but nonetheless they will be a constant Rhythm of Celebration.

There is also the Rhythm in Routine. The things that are only on us to control. With this pandemic equation we have found ourselves completely at the mercy of many situations that we have no control of. Creating and relying on routines can give you rhythm in your mundane days. For example, my morning routine consists in first a delightful cup of coffee, usually in a cozy spot (location always changing), meditational readings and journaling, checking planners and making sure I’ve got what I need down for the day and then exercise, usually a walk or run on the treadmill. I have afternoon and evening rituals as well. It is a space I can control and savor.

My heart thinks of the Rhythm of relationship. With co workers, family members, cherished friends. While we still can not gather in large groups we have found that the best moments are with a small intimate gathering of those that matter most. These kinds of Rhythms trump all the above to do lists, work productions, and keeping in shape hands down.

Wherever you are right now our hope for you in this season of strange times is that you can find comfort in the Rhythms of your life. May you choose the rhythm of Peace as you live out these last several months of the year 2020 and a challenge to you; look for “words’ that you can live and learn by. It is not a coincidence that they are dropped in your life.

Happy Fall!


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