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Finding your Rhythm

What is it about words? They encourage, incite, and impact. There have always been words that I found significant as they show up in expressions in my world. There are times that a certain one is spoken and I will then read the same word in a book or a[…]

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Savor the Moments: Embracing Fall

At this time of year a feeling of an urgency to draw in and bring people closer than usual. Cooking intimate meals mostly alfresco and making yummy snippets that are simply soothing and comfortable. This weekend we celebrated Abbey’s 29th bday! Whhhhaaattt…! It is hard to believe. I had just[…]

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mind full < mindful

Turn it off, shut it down, tune it out. In a space of constant movement, we owe it to our soft, mushy, human brains and bodies, to turn it off every once in a while. When we live busy lives, the constant connection of technology can put extra stress on[…]

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Last Minute Stocking Stuffer

Stockings. To some of us they evoke excitement and fun, gathering small items to fill a matching stocking that hangs cozy by the fire. To others of us, it’s more a feeling of “what to get for the stocking”. It can become just another “thing” to do in the already[…]

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Gift Guide for Teacher

The ones who educate our children 5 days a week for 9 months out of the year. They help shape their character, teach them valuable lessons, and open the doors of knowledge to the one’s who are our world. How do you thank and celebrate the teachers in your lives[…]

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Gift Guide for Him

What would we do without our guys; our dads, our hubby, our friends, our brothers, our co-workers, our boyfriends, our grandpas, and on? Why is it so difficult sometimes to decide what to give them this time of year, to make them truly feel important and celebrated. Maybe it’s because[…]

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What to Buy for the One who Does It All

The one who makes all the things happen. They bust butt behind the scenes, doing all the not-so-glamorous work to make things function as they should. They are the ones who do all the work leading up to Christmas to make your family’s celebration the best it can be: planning[…]

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thanksgiving-a bit more than a holiday

Thanksgiving…a bit more than a holiday! Shouldn’t we all have a attitude of gratitude all year round. This is a spectacular time to develop the thought pattern of always being in tune with the positive and what is good in our lives as opposed to the negative. What if we[…]

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in the falling

In the falling; of leaves, of our bodies when we are young and just learning to walk, falling and again standing. In the dying, of the green, of the flora, of the old, to make way for the new, or so they say; but, if you are anything like me,[…]

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